05/07/2017 Sandy Smith new commission for Festival of Two Worlds, Spoleto

Sandy Smith’s installation, AS YOU WERE, AS YOU ARE, AS YOU GO, commissioned by Mahler & Lewitt Studios for the façade of Casa Menotti in collaboration with Monini Foundation and funded by The Goldstone Family Foundation, is open until 16th July as part of Festival of Two Worlds in Spoleto, Italy.

An edition of 25 unique screen prints is available in support of the project here.

12/07/2016 Field Broadcast & Bad Vibes Club – Interruptions

The Bad Vibes Club’s Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau and Sam Mercer have made a distracting artwork for, as it turns out, very distracting times.

For this project they’ve taken a new approach to broadcast, by embedding artworks within a browser, through a new extension that you can download for Chrome, Interruptions.

Interruptions is a Chrome extension artwork that augments, modifies and interrupts your browsing experience. Performing mostly during the week of 11th-15th July, Interruptions will change the way you browse the web, providing you with unexpected moments of visual, aural and conceptual interruption dependent on the time of day, the websites you visit, and the content you see.

You can download the extension from the Chrome store via the Field Broadcast website.

02/10/2015 Jennifer Bailey at 16 Nicholson St

That’s Genetic is the first exhibition programmed by Simon Gowing at 16 Nicholson St, developed with Jennifer Bailey with work by Bailey, Lauren Hall, Tessa Lynch and Sarah Rose. 

29th September – 8th November 2015

26/01/2015 Flats by Jennifer Bailey at Intermedia, CCA Glasgow

Flats by Jennifer Bailey at Intermedia, CCA Glasgow previews on Friday 30th January 7-9pm.

Flats will consist of photographs of Bailey’s sister, Sarah, displayed in custom supports. The works are concerned with the politics of the occupation of space and surfaces and the mechanisms of subjectivity. The exhibition will also include a work that functions as an architectural obstruction.

Saturday 31st January – Saturday 14th February, 2015

14/01/2015 Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau at Modern Art Oxford

Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau is taking part in Live in the Studio at Modern Art Oxford 9th – 14th January 2015

Live in the Studio:

A series of projects by artists’ working with the structures of theatre from scripts to choreography, rehearsals to music scores. Through a series of open studios and live events this programme will reveal the process of making live work for an audience. Participating artists will be resident in the Basement Studio at Modern Art Oxford for a week to experiment, take risks, develop ideas and encourage discussion. Visitors to the space will experience a unique insight into the creative process of building a performance.