Freddy Dewe Mathews
Eternal Soup, Sudden Clarity – 2015


Eternal Soup, Sudden Clarity by Freddy Dewe Mathews is the artist’s second solo project with the gallery and the second expression of this new series of work. Developed whilst on residency in the Swiss Alps at Lendi Projects in the Engadin Valley, Eternal Soup, Sudden Clarity presents a series of responses to the very particular cultural resonance of the area. It looks at the legacy of health tourism in the high Alps at the turn of the Twentieth Century; the commingling of the ill in what was at that time, the most remote of locations. The work reflects on how the landscape informed those who came to live in it, who in turn transformed the landscape into a symbol of their removal from normal society. Here, the cult of illness and its perceived potential for existential contemplation may even have been seen as a gift.

Eternal Soup, Sudden Clarity – is on show off-site at SPACE until 22nd May. A second exhibition of other works from the series is being shown at SIB, Regents Studios by appointment only to

Screening & Artist Talk
20/05/15, 7pm at SIB, Regents Studios