James Irwin
Could Ecopsychology cure my Cyberchondria – 2016


Could Ecopsychology cure my Cyberchondria is an online residency by James Irwin spanning the Space In Between website and Instagram feed. The work takes as a starting point a TED talk given by Koert Van Mensvoor entitled Pyramid of Technology: How Technology becomes Nature, which presents “a model called the ‘pyramid of technology’”, arguing for a sociological reinterpretation of technology that allows it to become a “celebrated materialism in the world of our human thinking and imagination”.

From 10th August fragments of transcribed text, reworked and re-edited as part of Irwin’s ongoing Net Autoquotes series, will appear on the SIB Instagram feed, linking to a video looping on the homepage of the main SIB website.

Within this video the protagonist – Van Mensvoor – is reimagined as the conductor of an orchestra, elevating his position as speaker to a quasi-religious level as his voice is translated into Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) signals controlling electronic digital instruments.

The residency culminates in a live streamed robotic re-reading of the transcribed talk and accompanying visuals at www.spaceinbetween.co.uk