Where Beats This Human Heart – 2010


A disused WWII air raid shelter in Dalston, East London, was the backdrop for this pop-up exhibition. Inside the passages and chambers of a dark and cavernous subterranea 5 artists created a spectacle of sensory and experiential overload ‐ a body of site‐specific work that stimulated and challenged the
viewers’ senses and responses, both to the artwork and to the location.

SIB invited the artists to react to the unique and challenging space; to its history as a place of sanctuary from the nightly air raids of wartime London, and to its present state as a derelict, defunct and pitch black concrete shell. Each artist developed their work in response to the space and in conversation with each other, using elements of darkness and light, sound, silence and theatre.


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Luke Montgomery
Nelly Ben Hayoun
Sandy Smith
William Mackrell
Xavier Poultney

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