Ben Jeans Houghton in conversation

Ben Jeans Houghton discusses his exhibition ! Blessed Be :)) Merry Part :(( But Again ! at Space In Between on Saturday 25th February 2017.

! Blessed Be :)) Merry Part :(( But Again ! explores – through installation, sculpture and sound – correspondences between Alchemy, Magick and Contemporary Art; the ritual arrangement of objects and symbols in the physical, visible world to create a narrative dialogue that affects and changes the invisible, conceptual and emotional world within us. The exhibition is, in part, a response to the archaic revival; the reinvigoration of ancient knowledge and practice that has been censored, subsumed and manipulated by dogmatic ideological hegemonies for the last few centuries.


Christian Newby in conversation with Legacy Russell

Space In Between presented an In Conversation between Christian Newby and writer, curator Legacy Russell as part of TETRACONTAMERON, an exhibition of new work by Christian Newby with Ana Martínez Fernández and Drew Liverman on Thursday 12th January 2017.



Owen Hatherely and Douglas Murhpy in conversation with Felicity Hammond

Space In Between hosted an In Conversation event between Owen Hatherley and Douglas Murphy, with the participation of artist Felicity Hammond, as part of her first solo show Public Protection, Private Collection.

Within the context of the exhibition the trio discussed ideas around the abandonment of the utopian city in favour of cyber space, the use of architectural propositions and the relationship between their warped and pixilated nature with the potential future ruin of the city. 


(play)ground-less – performance

The publication launch for (play)ground-less – an exhibition of new and collaborative work by Sarah Bayliss, María Angélica Madero, Ninna Bohn Pedersen and Belén Zahera – was accompanied by a live event created in response to the working processes of the collective used during the formulation of the exhibition. The performance was directed by elements within the show, as the artists followed the tactics of the objects themselves.


Internet/IRL/Inspiration by the ARKA group

Pushing through the weird bit of the Internet to find unwashed gems, the ARKA group screen a collection of strangely compelling video clips and blog pages that explore the liminal territories of the world wide web. They discuss how this collection of oddities has inspired their exhibition – Votives – and their practice more generally.

Accompanying YouTube links:

Doberman film
Woman holding her breath
ASMR unwrapping
Noodle Simluation
Yung Lean – 2002
Yung Lean – 2013
Girl with dogs
Infrared, laser and children
3000 Barrel Explosion
Country Gals Fate
Mud girl messy play
Foam girl
Tatsumi Hijikata
Sophie Lisa Beresford
Mr Soft advert
Mantas Jacikas
Tonetta Pressure Zone


Ultimate Media Event by Hannah Barton

Hannah Barton introduces Media Burn (1975) by Ant Farm and T.R. Uthco as part of What it is, is figuring out what it is, 22/07/15

Media Burn satirized the impact of television, critiquing the so-called TV Generation and its novel terminology (notably codified descriptors, such as ‘media event’). In doing so, Ant Farm asked questions around how televisual mediation affected cultural participation as performed as opposed to viewed, and considered what it meant to be cast as a subject rather than observer of cultural instances, historic or everyday. Are you aware of the camera, and how you appear before it? Haven’t you ever wanted to put your foot through your television screen?


Freddy Dewe Mathews talks at SIB

Freddy Dewe Mathews introduces “Der Heilige Berg” (The Holy Mountain) by Arnold Fanck (1926) and discusses the work on show as part of Eternal Soup, Sudden Clarity.

You can view a short film on You Tube that was made by Fanck called “Das Wolkenphänomen vom Maloja”. The short, which was filmed in 1924 in the Engadin Valley where Freddy Dewe Mathews’ residency took place, concerns a very particular cloud formation known locally as the “Maloja Snake”.