Internet/IRL/Inspiration by the ARKA group

Pushing through the weird bit of the Internet to find unwashed gems, the ARKA group screen a collection of strangely compelling video clips and blog pages that explore the liminal territories of the world wide web. They discuss how this collection of oddities has inspired their exhibition – Votives – and their practice more generally.

Accompanying YouTube links:

Doberman film
Woman holding her breath
ASMR unwrapping
Noodle Simluation
Yung Lean – 2002
Yung Lean – 2013
Girl with dogs
Infrared, laser and children
3000 Barrel Explosion
Country Gals Fate
Mud girl messy play
Foam girl
Tatsumi Hijikata
Sophie Lisa Beresford
Mr Soft advert
Mantas Jacikas
Tonetta Pressure Zone